Construction work

We present a complete spectrum of our construction services and benefits for you.

Comprehensive renovations
with an emphasis on detail.

Our renovation services bring new life to your spaces. Whether you need to modernize an apartment, restore a historic building, or renovate office space, our experienced team will provide solutions tailored to your needs. Choose Fox Star Expres and you will get guaranteed quality, timely reliability, and transparent communication.

Construction work from Fox Star Expres includes the following:

Construction work:

  • Foundation slabs: Laying solid foundations for your buildings and structures.
  • Turnkey houses: Realizing your dreams from design to completion.
  • Tiles and paving: Revitalize your spaces with quality tiles and paving.
  • Facade insulation: Enhance the energy efficiency and appearance of your buildings.
  • Drywall work: Creating interiors with precision and creativity.
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete structures: Strong and durable construction solutions.
  • Renovations: Restoration of family homes and commercial spaces.
  • Fencing: Ensuring privacy and security for your property.
  • Retaining walls: Solutions for terrain irregularities and landscape support. Installation of interlocking paving: Aesthetic and functional solutions for your exteriors.
  • Asphalt paving: High-quality and long-lasting surfaces for various applications.
  • Large-scale construction: Realization of apartment buildings, family homes, and much more.

Painting work:

  • Interior painting.
  • Artistic paintings on facades.
  • Directional descriptions on facades.

Plumbing work:

  • Water distribution.
  • Waste systems.

Insulation work:

  • Foundation insulation.
  • Flat roof insulation.
  • Insulation of swimming pools and ponds.

Carpentry and roofing work:

  • Pergolas, shelters, trusses.
  • Soffits, metal cladding, gutters.

Locksmith work:

  • Wrought iron fences.
  • Steel structural elements.
  • Galvanizing of material.

Electrical installation work:

  • Electrical wiring.
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels.

Carpentry work.

"Professional craftsmanship.
Uncompromising quality."

Your vision, our realization. Fox Star Expres brings expertise and precision to every construction project.